By ciorstain

Weirdly Frazzled day!

I had a call with Giles at 9:30 before that my call with Aleksandra was cancelled but I somehow only ended at my desk short before the call with Giles.
After that was Powerhour but I was so busy with doing all sorts of little shitty stuff that dropped in that I did not get to concentrate on content or anything else - this continued until 2pm when I headed out to meet Kelly and Candy for brunch.
We had a lovely time in Cafe William and then went for a walk with Candy.

Back home chaos continued - I am writing this day off

Got my parcel for my lovely new client packed - its going to the postoffice tomorrow - wooohooo!

Blipping the workbick I am sending out to her ... but there are other goodies in the parcel too - I hope she will be delighted ...

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