By Ridgeback13


Woke at 4am and my usual tactic of playing podcasts didn’t send me back to sleep (instead I found myself learning about Rawls and Jane Austen!). I gave up trying to sleep by 6 and just read the paper and did some Italian until it was time to set off down to town to meet what Winsford aptly calls the retired chapter of our book group at the cinema. I’m not sure I’ve ever been to see a film in the morning but we had almost the whole place to ourselves and watched Tar with Cate Blanchett. A very long, slow, intense, beautifully filmed and styled film about a flawed maestro and it was good to see Cate and the cinematographer in the Oscar nomination lists when they were published later in the day…..her performance was a tour de force.
Had some lunch with Laura after the others had gone home, chatting about travel plans and tips and getting a different view on the shiny hotel behind us, then I walked home to get stuck into the Board papers for Friday (bit of a strain on my printer!), with some follow up texts and emails starting later in the day.
I’d booked for a bodycombat session at the end of the day and enjoyed it again despite having had to drag myself there, but really need to be doing more at home to build my strength and flexibility to help with these sessions…may try the yoga programme that Laura and Winsford are doing.
Chat to A as she drove home, then to T about going to P’s tomorrow.

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