By Picturemull

The Mother of All Boards

For some reason I decided today was the day to start on tackling the mess that is called the office.  And also decided that what would help would be to have one less pc on the table.  I went through and did back ups of files onto external hard drives of which I have many, so that involved a spreadsheet to say which one has which files on it.  Then realising that even if you delete files they can still somehow be resurrected by someone with more technical knowledge than I have.  I couldn't download some recommended software to exterminate all traces as the pc is so old it wouldn't connect to the wifi.  So in my wisdom I decided the only way to tackle the problem was to remove the hard drive, so I did.  And the motherboard, what a fascinating thing ... like a busy city, now I'm not sure I want to let it go.  The rest of the pc I am hoping can be recycled one way or another.  This has taken the best of the day and the office doesn't look any tidier.

In other news R and H have set off on their two weeks holiday in Europe using the ferry from Newcastle and trains.  

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