By GracieG

A Shot of Steam

Firstly, thank you for all your kind wishes, I feel back to my old self after a migraine that drifted over two days.

As I felt better today I got on with a few of those 'not so exciting' jobs that need doing.  Although, I actually don't mind ironing, which is just as well as M does like wearing his collared shirts everyday.

While I was ironing I was thinking back to my childhood. My dad was an electrical engineer at British Aerospace for most of his working life and even though his job made his clothes dirty at times, and he donned a white coat around the factory, he always wore a shirt and tie to work.  He saved his best shirts and ties for church on Sunday though and when I was around 10 years old my mum taught me how to iron his shirts.  I think she used to 'tip him off' though because he always used to say how especially beautifully ironed his shirts were on the occasions that I did them for him.

M paused from doing the vacuuming to help me out with my steam iron photo and held the iron for me while I took the shot, so as not to risk burning his shirt.

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