Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

Sort of Flowery!

Not one flower in my garden at the moment ...... plenty of new leaves & lots of promise but not a flower to be seen!

Thus fulfilling Ingeborg's theme of "Flowery" for Abstract Thursday did present a challenge!

Not one to be beaten I decided to think "outside the box" as they say!

You may recognise the Ivy-leaved Toad-flax leaves from previous blips (including Monday) though it's fair to say these look a bit different!

I started by applying a "fish eye" effect & continued from there ...... can't remember what else I did (there were several stages & changes) but I think it ended with either polarising or solarising .... I know I tried both but can't remember which one I kept!

Hope you like the result :-)

Extra ~ I have added a different incarnation from part way through the process of the main if you would like to look :-)

Another form came through the letterbox today from DWP .... this one asking for the return of an overpayment ..... it was only a matter of time!

Stay safe everyone :-)

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