... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Garden: Delighted Duckules

Chirpier in large
Koi-ng fu?
Returning to the run
Pied wagtail

Mum and I sorted out the duckules in the morning, so they got chaperoned from their run to the paddling pool (in the covered puppy pen) and then slid around on the huge disk of ice that remained there after the cold spell... I was more pleased with the photos of them as Mum duck-herded them between the runs.
I later had a meeting at Earlsfield and spotted a rather out-of-place-seeming pied wagtail on the pavement there while waiting.

Others here (or right from Waiting for a paddling pool session)
p.s. Kappa was last out of the run, but she's visible to the left.

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