This fairly abstract image began as a shot of the now rather crispy daffodils that I shot for Flower Friday two weeks ago.  Obviously I've changed the colour and then given the result a 'Glowing Edges' treatment in PS Elements Stylise.  The change of colour given a 'tiles' filter is rather pretty so I've added that in Extras.  Many thanks to Ingeborg for her continued hosting.
In other news:  I went to Lakeside this afternoon taken  by daughters#1 and #2 and accompanied by Stella-Rose.  TBH the shops were a little disappointing, being in that period of after Christmas but before all of the Spring collections arrive.  Perhaps because people can simply afford less too, the stores are cutting back.  Still, we each managed to buy a couple of items, although one of mine was some half price bauble hangers which I've put carefully away read for the next Festive Season!

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