A Crescendo of Camellias

With the sun making an appearance, I went to the Ventnor Botanic Gardens to see what was flowering, and what damage the recent frosts had wreaked. 

There were a few South African flowers such as the Rain Daisy, Cape African Queen, and Myrtle-leaved Milkwort (extra), but the main flowering shrubs were the camellias. The central bloom is Japonica 'Desire', and clockwise from top left: 
Hakurakuten; x Williamsii 'Donation'; Spring Mist, Hybrid 'Freedom Bell'; Bushfield Yellow; Cornish Spring; another Japonica 'Desire' and San Dimas.

There was minimal frost damage, mainly affecting the more exposed succulents. I am sure I will be back to enjoy more floral displays.

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