Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008

Old or new?

Since the finding of the dead kingfisher earlier in the week I've been told - by people who would know much better than me - both that this is the same one and that it isn't.  Maybe it doesn't matter, especially as this little individual was posing so sweetly this morning.

The reserve was windy and cold, though with brief patches of sun.  The flooding is going down, as is the ice, but I think it will be at least a week before the river stops pouring over the paths at all.  I got this shot rather hanging over one of the locked gates and then walked up to look at the newly cleared pond.  It is much bigger than I expected, but for years it's been so choked with reeds you could hardly call it a pond at all.  It will be fun to see what new species start to inhabit it this summer.

When I got back I took Hazel out for her walk, but since then I've done very little but doze over a book - my favourite kind of afternoon after a busy morning..

Enjoy your evening, lovely blippers, and thanks for all your kindness to yesterday's thrush  xx

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