Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

What it felt like...

...versus what it looks like. The first extra shows the context more honestly, but during the fabulous sunset, we really only have eyes for the glory. This is from the balcony of the little apartment we are renting. Keith and Björn skied slalom today, Anna-Lena skied cross country for a little while and I painted and stood on the balcony a lot, breathing. 

I have had a very pleasant, relaxing and less coughy kind of day, also the first time I have used my paint brushes for many weeks - result! The second extra shows a work in progress, I guess.

A refreshing, restorative, medicinal Jägermeister each was needed, or two perhaps. Poured from the mouth of the golden stag we collected at the airport in Manchester. We have all had saunas after our very strenuous day, me and Keith saunaed together as we are on dinner-duty this evening.

Curry and rice, sour chickpeas and chutney is our contribution, with some "supermarket beer" (3.5% strength) followed by mango sorbet and raspberry sorbet and some of our very own frozen blackberries - a total rarity in the north of Sweden. Hope it all goes down well, Keith is washing the rice as I blip but I need to get up and be helpful now, so - bye for now. But not before wishing you a very happy weekend!

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