By AH14

3000th Blip!

Where does all the time go???

It's been another grey day, so I went to Kingston Lacy in search of snowdrops for a celebratory blip. The snowdrops were there but it's early days. I know they'll look much better in a couple of weeks. As you can see, there weren't many people about but I think the house itself makes a fine photo, so here you have it - three images stitched together for my big Blipday.

Snowdrops in my b&w journal

Hellebore in 'My Third' journal

Huge thanks to those of you who continue to call in on my journal, even though I'm not the best at keeping up with your journals - I value each and every visit! And, of course, my thanks to those at the helm, without whom this wonderful site would no longer exist!


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