Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

Mission Accomplished & Then Some

I got to go on a solo walk this morning (The Husband had an early appointment in town) so I took my big camera. My goal was to get a photo, if I could, of the red-headed woodpecker(s) I keep seeing in two different spots along Chapel Spring Lane. So I got to the start of the road and figured I'd take some shots of whatever birds presented themselves - in case the RHWO was a no show. Started with the northern mockingbird (of which there are MANY) - bottom right. Then I saw the American robin - bottom left - and took his photo. Then I saw the red-bellied woodpecker (which his bright red cap) - top left. And then! Bottom middle - the bird I was after: an adult male red-headed woodpecker. Tada!

So I was feeling pleased with myself having already succeeded just a little way into the walk, but I said to the cosmos "Well yippee! Now a bald eagle would be nice. Hahahahaha!" Imagine my amazement when I came to the big field where the Connemara ponies are and saw a shape in a somewhat distant oak tree along the fence line that was maybe a big bird. I pointed my camera at it and HELLO!!!! Bald eagle!

What a walk! I expected Sod's Law to be in play and not a single bird to be in evidence, much less the bird(s) I wanted to find. I was delightfully wrong.


I just looked up the RHWO on the Cornell site and I think this one might be a juvenile that has almost now got all of his adult plumage. So a young not quite yet full adult. And evidently the males and females look alike?

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