By Arachne


Another underwhelming play at The North Wall Theatre with the same friends I was with last time I went there when we were all equally underwhelmed.

The problem was mostly in the writing - it looked as if it had come from a workshop with adolescents run by a rather worthy and slightly patronising teacher, then the script hadn't been worked up into something fit for public theatre. Just before the play started we'd moved ourselves into the empty first row from the over-sold row we'd been allocated which made it even more obvious when we decided not to stay for the Q&A afterwards - but none of us had Qs and none of us was interested in the As.

What to do? Actors and playwrights need to practise and need to fail and learn and I'm quite prepared to sit through some bad theatre occasionally for the sake of the good, but...

Edit: Bike encounter with the kerb on the way home

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