a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Birthday Boy

I've not kept up with Blip properly since Thursday evening really, and I'm not going to be able to catch up this evening either.  My excuse is that I've spent the day with Incredibish and Happy_Janwen as it was Bish's birthday.  

We had a delightful time as ever, the food was fabulous and the digestifs marvellous.  Mark opened a bottle of whisky that he filled himself from a Vallinch at a distillery on Islay some years ago. The whisky is now 20 years old and I struggle to think of a dram I've enjoyed more.  I had a bottle too, but I opened mine a few years ago at a big birthday and its long gone now.

Mark can be seen here with, well, let's call it something sweet with a candle in it -  I'm not sure that it has a name as such and while it might be cake of some sort, it's hard to be sure.

My sister Happy_Janwen can make a fabulous cake when she turns her mind to it, and her scones are to die for.  But every now and then she experiments with a desert and the results can be  ... unpredictable.  Some are the stuff of family legend and the story of them still brings tears to the eyes now whenever they are recalled.  This one didn't make it into that exulted category, but it's fair to say, it didn't quite turn out as intended.

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