Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

Following on from yesterday morning's Blip, there's still a smidgen of light in the sky on the way home now. Great.

Took a load of photos of the above. This was the solitary one without much camera shake. Really strong wind, and loads of vibration from all the Friday night traffic heading home and elsewhere.

Sold one camera this week, and another arrived today, from a very well known national supplier (not the excellent local shop). As per the previous camera from them, the website had said the usual, "The Sensor is clean and free of dust, marks and scratches." The previous one had several dust spots and some splodge marks that looked as if someone had licked a cotton bud and dabbed or smeared it on the sensor. The marks showed up in the sky of photos taken at f/5.6, so there's no way they could have missed that at the shop... if they ever looked. Took me over an hour to get it cleaned up. Today's camera sensor is covered in dust spots, which will hopefully clean off easily.  Didn't complain about the previous one, but the new (to me) one cost a bit more, and it's only taken about 920 photos. A shirty email will have to be composed, with evidence, and I'll swither about sending the camera back, or sorting it myself. Too many other things needing to be done before that, over the weekend.

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