Ramblings and Mutterings

By ValleyAllBlack


Slept like a log, the past two days of taken so much out of me.

Luckily I had a few things planned today.

First up was The Verdict play at the New Theatre, Cardiff, it was very good.  The woman was complaining behind me about me being too tall, which affected her view.  Like I really need that like a hole in my head.

Wandered into Waterstones to see if I could buy some books, but I've lost my reading mojo a bit at the moment.

Headed across to the Bay then to see Cardiff Devils play the Fife Flyers, we beat them 7-1.  Finally picked up my new shirt as well.

There have been some dark and intense feelings today, the like of which I have never had before.  It is difficult to see a way out.  I dread to think where I'd be if I hadn't gone out today.

I've done loads of back blips to the start of January now.

Today I am thankful for:

1.  Seeing a good play at the New Theatre, Cardiff
2.  Seeing my Cardiff Devils beat Fife Flyers

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