South Coast Scribblings

By SueSouth


We have kept this picture in the hall as my parents loved this cricket club and bought the print as a memento.  It's called 'Straw Hats and Strawberries' and it is interesting that the figures in the foreground look Edwardian and the figures in the background look more modern, so I guess it's meant to be a statement of continuity.  We spread half of my Mum's ashes under the oak tree that they used to sit under.  My Dad made it plain that he didn't really want any of his ashes to go there, eleven years on, but I did let the club know that he had passed away and got a lovely reply from them.  It was many years since they had been able to go there, but a few people still remembered them.  My Mum used to help make sandwiches for the tea.  She also used to take lots of sweets for the children.  She loved children.  She also had lots of tea available for friends that would come and sit with them.

I never shared their love of cricket, but it was great that they had this shared interest.

On 8th February it will be thirteen years since Mum passed away aged 84.

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