But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

Mrs Fox and the Dog Bowl.

For most of last year, we had nightly visits from a badger; his/her purpose was to empty a bin of bird food so that he could eat the contents. We solved the problem by putting the food in a secure housing and using the bin to supply his nightly ration. Jnr’s trail camera only managed to record poor quality video of his activities, but nothing good enough to post here. Badger stopped visiting several months ago.
Having bought a much more modern camera, I put it out in the garden a few weeks ago - purely to test it - and we found a lady (don’t ask) fox skulking around. Having been using the camera to monitor wildlife (one sighting each of hare, badger and deer) around bee hives since then, it is now back on garden duties and check on Mrs Fox who we have been diligently feeding in the mean time. Last night, in the interest of hygiene, we put her food in an old dog bowl and was rewarded with lots of pictures of her warily circling the bowl; this is the closest her cowardice allowed her to approach.
Last night she happily collected bits of chicken scattered on the ground.

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