horns of wilmington's cow

By anth


The gates in the old barn / stables have been on the list for a long time for refurbishment. 5 in total, I did the brewery door when that got up and running, and today the workshop door (again, now that that is in almost final form). It needs a second coat, but a bit of planing to make it fit the gap properly again, and a new latch, and gradually I'm getting this formerly neglected space (for clearly a number of years before we moved here) into some sort of useable, and tidy, order.

You can tell this used to be a livery from the chewed out bits from the top (again in the extras), and get an idea of the general state of the gates from another extra, showing the next in line (the half covered stable that will be the first home, for a couple of weeks, when the pigs arrive).

Tomorrow the timber arrives for screening in various bits of the old barn as well - they'll likely be blipped as a record - including the 'shed', which is a stonebuilt structure, where the walls don't meet the roof (and some of the stones now confirmed as having come from the public roup of the remains of the old Saline village church in 1849).

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