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By H0tamer

Dog Grooming Hairdryer

Our doggy Caspar does have a lot of long hair, and in a year he will have many more of them. Since he is a swimmer (and it will rain once in a while) expectations are that he will come home soaking wet regularly.
In order to get him dryer much faster (and the smell of wet dog less) we have bought this hairdryer. Already now, as a puppy he won't need it, but to help him get acquainted with it.
A landseer sheds, at least twice a year massively, but also normally. A hairdryer will help with removing the loose hair more easily. Just blow it away :)
It would be better if we could use it outside, in the fields. But our electricity cables aren't long enough...
Anyway, you can expect to see this thing in use in the future.

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