By seizetheday


Could be tempted to take a bath tomorrow morning, just to watch the little rubber duck 'paddling' up and down the tub!

A trip to Holmfirth this morning, as we have an appointment tomorrow to view the one property still on our shortlist. As usual, MrM drove us there via the scenic route through the Yorkshire Dales. Some fabulous views on a day of sunshine, heavy showers, and very high wild winds.

Plenty of time to spare before we needed to check in to our hotel, so we re-visited some of the towns on our list of potential places to live. Several were eliminated!

After a roast dinner at the hotel we went out to sample the night life of Holmfirth, only to discover that there isn't any on a Sunday. Back to the hotel before 9.00pm. It had already been locked up for the night, so we had to ring the door bell to get in! Ah well, at least we could watch the penultimate episode of 'Happy Valley'' on live TV...

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