Desperately seeking

By clickychick

All Done!

The end of a drink and the end of a long day.

Kat was due back from Sheffield today so I had an important job to do. No, not to empty all boxes and bottles in her cocktail cabinet! I had bought some leatherette to line the drawers of a newly acquired jewellery chest.

It was fiddley measuring and guillotining all the cardboard formers for the lining but 9 shapes were cut and laid them out on the 1 metre x 1.3 metre strip of leatherette. They fitted well. I cut out the pieces and reached for the double-sided tape.

So, I was getting on with it and only one more drawer to go when I asked myself why I had spent £135 on some cotton fabric I could have easily bought locally. The only difference was this had some sort of plastic backing. I wondered what benefit that was.


I realised a had already stuck 7 of the 9 linings on the card back-to-front. I had the white stockinette finish outermost and the lovey, white, smooth leatherette on the inside. I couldn't leave it like that. Yes, nobody would have known it wasn't meant to look like that, but I knew. Fortunately, the thin double-sided tape pealed off the card and I was able to turn it over and restick it. Thank goodness I hadn't used a spray glue!

When Kat got home we went out for a meal to THe Robin's Nest, part of the Sizzling Pub Chain. A good hot meal cheerfully presented. We returned home to some more wine and chatting. 

Some of the chatting involved asking me why I strive to achieve things that really may not be worth the grief. I'll be thinking about that.

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