Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

The top, the top!

The snow has a marvellously thick crust of ice on top, which made snow-shoeing an interesting activity. But hey, I was out on the snowy wastes on the snow shoes - the first more serious activity in many weeks. I turned back before the actual top, and it was a good idea as I was pretty tired. It was lovely to be out and about! In the sun, no less. I came home and went to bed for a bit of flat out time.

I have done some political work, leading up to the annual general meeting on Sunday. I am so unmotivated it is shocking, and sadly the rest of the board seem to be in similar states so it is like pulling teeth. Ho hum, I will be so happy to stop...

We met Ruth and Rose to have pizza before going to the film. Lovely to see them together with our family! We were due to go to the movies together but they decided to go to film studio instead. We saw "A Man Called Otto" with Tom Hanks being his usual brilliant self - we laughed, we cried, we loved it. The Swedish original book and the film were both really great.

I'm rather exhausted from a busy day and shopping for food at the end of it. Obviously not yet as "better" as I thought I was. I have drunk a lot of water (always after commercial pizza which is very salty as well as being delicious) and am finishing the day with a coke and rum.

Pete's bungalow seller has decided she won't move out on the dates she had told them as she can't find a rental where she can take her cat. She wants to buy somewhere, which puts them in a chain - URGH!!!! They are really getting fed up of it all, but also getting more resigned to this being a very long haul. They had just booked an airBnB for several months, and within 24 hours they'd cancelled it. They are unwilling to have expensive surveys done on this place, having already lost money on previous things that fell through. I think the plan is to sit tight and keep on looking. What a game. It's not encouraging us to think about downsizing, I can tell you that!!

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