I am camera

By Martinski

An exciting day.

This has turned into an exciting day. A man called Alan from Open Reach is busy drilling holes in my bedroom wall. Full fibre broadband is on its way. I was promised this in December, but now at last it is happening.  I’m hoping that things like Zoom, which was previously a joke, might now work. And hopefully no more days without email. But It’s all gone quiet. Is Alan alright? Has he fallen out of the window? No, it’s okay, he’s gone outside.
I met a friend earlier on outside the local shop. Like me, she has mental health issues and is having a tough time over something she chose not to disclose. She’s in a kind of paralysis because she needs to make a decision, but can’t.  But she is seeing her consultant today. ‘Tell her the whole story,’ I said. ‘It’s confidential. Get it off your chest.’ I don’t know if she will.
I think Alan must have gone for lunch.
No, he's finished the job and he's a Pink Floyd fan.
(I can't get a picture on this bloody thing.)

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