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By Lilly414


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I went over to see my Mum this morning, Dad was out on his archaeological dig, so we decided to go for a walk down to Bowleaze Cove. It was a beautiful sunny spring morning so to get some fresh air was a delight. We stopped off and had a bite to eat at the cafe on the beach and after we had a short wander along the beach.

On our return journey we decided to go a different way...along a gravel path that runs parallel to the holiday camp. But just before that, we stumbled across an old derelict barn, which would once have been beautiful. Unfortunately it is now being left to wrack and ruin, which is such a shame. It's massive when you get inside and would make a wonderful home for someone who has the money to spend that is! I really should have got my Mum to stand in the doorway, it would give a true sense of scale as this photo doesn't convey the vastness of the empty space.

Anyway, we carried on walking home and then came across a tree that had once fallen over a stream but was clearly still living as new shoots were reaching up searching for the light for life. Truly magical to see. Especially marvellous was the archway it created.

Today has been a wonderful day, not just for the walk and all that we encountered but because I was also offered a job...phew, I can breathe again! Things a starting to look up at last.

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