Lisa's life...

By lisa24270

Emergency Blip

I wasn't happy at all with any pictures I took today, and was rather relieved to spot the poppy heads still on my office windowsill! 

More dental work this morning followed by dropping my car off at the garage as it decided the best time to alert me to an engine fault was in an already expensive week! 

The Law Of Sod presided however and the diagnostic computer showed that nearly all fault codes were active. The garage rightly presumed that I wouldn't want to £5000 or more to investigate every single one of them and they could find nothing obvious to be causing it. They also very kindly told me there was nothing to pay and to just keep an eye it and report any further issues. Phew!

Something will crop up no doubt but for now I'm just relieved to have a few pennies left in the bank for the weekend! :)

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