By MsQuizzical


My daughter made the kind decision for my dear granddog Frankie the Jackapoo today. :( Much-loved Frank was nearly fifteen and has been suffering from heart-failure for a few months. She remained alert, waggy and hungry until very recently, though she was having difficulty getting about and was a bit uncomfortable. Yesterday she had a Help me look in her eyes and we knew it was time.

My daughter, granddaughter and I laid her to rest under the apple tree next to her very dear friend Ollie dog, shovelling the good earth with ancient implements.  

I picked some winter honeysuckle. I've got some shoots of that in water in the kitchen which I hope will root so that we can plant it on the graves. If it doesn't I'll buy some. We'll plant snowdrops too. I put those I picked this morning in two jars from the marmalade that my daughter bought for MrQ for Christmas. One for each grave. It wasn't until I was taking my pics that I noticed one has a fox on it. Quite appropriate as there is a regular Reynard path under the apple tree.

Such a sad time for our family. 

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