Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

End of the day, and construction work has ended for the weekend.

As of today, I've had the camera used for all this year's Blips (so far) for twelve years. A good while longer than any of the other digital ones in the collection, and it's about fourteen and a half years since it was first announced. For a digital camera, that means it's ancient. Still my favourite, despite its large size and weight. The lens used with it for all of this year (again, so far) is tiny, manual focus, and obviously wide-angled. It vignettes a lot, and suffers from coma when used at wide apertures, but I really like it. Had planned to change it for something less wide, but have kind of become used to it over these past weeks, in a similar way to when I used it on an old Nikon D40 for several months , many years ago. With that camera's smaller sensor, the vignetting and coma weren't obvious. Must have had this lens for about twelve years too.

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