Jan's View

By HarlingDarling

the final countdown!

My day was all about the AGM for the Left Party, and now it's over, the minutes are written and the dust is settling, and these are the two red carnations Keith and I were given as a thank you for the work we've done.  All the leavers got one of course, and there was a smart fika after the AGM was over. That took over 2 hours! The stage is set in the extra, with added flowers.

There was plenty of last minute faffing about to be done, and documents to be sorted, our secretary was ill with a high temperature so I stepped into the breach once more and wrote my own (rather controversial, full disclosure style) minutes during the meeting. In the space of an hour they had been checked and sent on for the next person to check. Then it's over. 

I lost it slightly when one of the men suggested the soup and conversation women (me and Karin) should find a woman to take on a role. As if that's the idea! We already have one woman on the new board who wouldn't be doing it but for our encouragement. I said a few things about inviting women in, but then not being supportive or specially kind. About how the organisation has to decide to be what it keeps saying it is, and actually make women and young people feel wanted and accepted. About how one woman I met recently isn't joining the party because she saw which men were active and was put off. 

A bit of a damper on the party mood! Call it a parting shot. Although I'm not going anywhere, just not having an official role. Once more I'm in the outside position and can contribute more freely. The new board has 8 people, 6 or them are men. I rest my case.

My brother Dave and my husband Keith are currently preparing roast vegetables and baked fish fillets for tea. I have to go and make sauce. Apparently, Keith is afraid of making sauce. A big bloke like that!

The family went walking in the sunny snow whilst I did my duties. this evening we collect Jude's sister Dette from the airport. Then there will be five of us to play Mexican Train!

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