By Skyegirl50

The Quirrang

Found another jigsaw on a jigsaw app but this time it's the the Hairpin Ben at the Quirrang, it's a horrible road but the views are stunning. 

I did an Elephant Prisma edit as I have done no Blip at all today as the work began on my heating around 9:15 am today. I spent most of the morning with a neighbour, Nala was with a next door neighbour then for about 2 hours i walked with Luna to try and pass the time for a while.

Went to work around 5 and I have never been so glad as to go to my work, came home and my back was in agony and really really tired. At least they will be finished tomorrow (Tuesday) and ny house is literally a bomb site. They totally destroyed my carpet underlay on my landing so will have to get more, not happy at all as it only got laid last summer and a poorly luna too.

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