By GracieG

She Sells Sea Shells...

Our camera club organised a photoshoot at the home of a prominent shell artist this morning.  The lady was very welcoming and gave us complete freedom to photograph whatever we liked in her studio.  Her work is private commissions and she creates large framed wall art, grottos, even whole rooms, her work has been featured in all the top interior design magazines and she travels abroad for some of her clients.  Her studio is lined with shelves filled with all different types of shells, some huge, some really tiny.  I have included one of her completed pieces in extras (this is around two feet across), each shell is individually placed and it is very painstaking work.

The bird in my blip is a taxidermy hooded crow which the shell artist purchased from a lady who had a whole house of different types of birds which she supplied to film studios.  Apparently, this bird was used during the filming of Game of Thrones.  

A very interesting morning.

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