simple moments

By simplemoments

golden striped…


over the mountains

to end a - mid week day - which has been - lazy yet somewhat - productive with getting - this and that - done around my house - it’s difficult when - you’re lacking energy - due to illness - i forgot what having - blood clots, especially - pulmonary embolisms (ones in your lungs) - can do to your - energy levels - it’s like an - uphill battle all day - as soon as - you’re out of bed - truthfully i wanted - to crawl right back in - but that seemed - a bit silly

so instead i found - myself puttering which - ended up with me - being more zippy - plus the boo helps - she can sense when - i need perking up - animals are so sensitive - that way, right - and then came this - golden sunset across - the mountains and - i couldn’t resist - there’s just something - about a sunset - which our faithful abba insures - for us will make it…


happy day…..

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