New author to me

While I was sorting books at the village hall shop I saw this and the cover attracted me. It seems like it will be a light hearted read, which I feel I need just now. I've not read anything by this author before so I'm hoping I'll enjoy it.
There was slight panic before matting as the key had been misplaced. I was able to borrow another for the afternoon, hoping the original will turn up, just lost in the home, as people will get twitchy about a lost key to a communal space! Despite this we had a very convivial afternoon. We have three mats on the go, all commissions. It takes months to complete one so it was all hands on deck, cutting and prodding! We had the compulsory tea/coffee break which today included cake as it had been Mavis's birthday at the weekend. We ladies certainly know how to enjoy ourselves and of course put the world to rights! Oh that last bit could be true!

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