By Amanda_T


Complaints Lay Review Panel with the hospital this morning, guitar practice and keeping Mr T awake to catch up on his Blips this afternoon, and portrait club this evening. All 10 minute sketches, but the chap top left dropped off the zoom so I made some errors and the lady bottom left kept having a light going on and off so the shadows kept switching to highlights. She was clearly unimpressed with my work as the two other artists received compliments and mine got 'a look'. I feel the lighting was a major factor.

Also had to resolve some issues with the Monday sitting volunteer. Mr T had become increasingly withdrawn and anxious after her visits, and this week she made him angry. The last two weeks I've left a squash in a lidded beaker with a straw and made a point that he needs to be drinking. Both times he's not been reminded to have a drink or assisted to, and she will change the music I have left playing for him without even asking him. Other things too.

Mr T's step Mum is an amazing lady and I get on well with her. She's been struggling with a DVT/hole in her leg. It gets a bit lost in translation as she's now profoundly deaf, so clarifying questions do laterally fall on deaf ears. The leg has got here down and she kept telling me to ring any time, she was there. When she answered the phone this afternoon she said she wished I hadn't wrong. Once the issues were teased out, 30 minutes later she sounded like herself again and said she was glad I had rung and I had called at just the right time!

I'm still behind on my Blip journal so I may try and do some catching up snuggled in bed.

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