Pictorial blethers

By blethers


Been a bit of a whirl, today - there are surely calmer days ahead when I can catch up on the journals I love to follow, but for tonight…

We’re in Edinburgh tonight, staying with #1 son but here to see #2’s younger daughter sing the part of the young child Princess Fiona in the Junior School production of Shrek. We didn’t ever get to know that she sang until this year - and she’s great! We were particularly thrilled that she sings in her head voice, with real focus and tone (and perfectly in tune!). Later on she produced a single amazing high C (she was a bird at the time).

We were tired when we arrived - the traffic through Glasgow was appalling in mid-afternoon- and by the time we’d joined in the standing ovation at the end of the evening we wondered if we’d make it back along the road to the house, but here we are, sustained by wine and tea and very, very ready for bed.

Blipping the programme, the stage and a very tired Anna after the show. Well done everyone!

Home again tomorrow…

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