Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight

Suspect it won't be long now until the "Life Sciences Innovation Centre" is finished. Camera was perched on top of the wobbly site barrier fencing for this snap.

Not a good day at work, worsened towards the end of the day whilst trying to setup and test a complex piece of equipment for two demos next week. Wanted to be sure everything was working, and after much connecting this that and the other, charging the big battery, and fix a wee fault with a pressure gauge, it's time to fill the tanks with water... "Where's the bucket?" Perhaps just as well as the culprit(s) from another department had skived-off early because it was Friday... "Oh no, we were working from home." they'd claim. Aye, right. An hour and a half was wasted looking for said bucket, and trying to clean out whatever was left in the bottom. Had to give up as the day shortened, and will need to go and buy a replacement on Monday. Had I used the bucket without noticing there was some sort of clear sticky substance in the bottom, several thousands of pounds worth of specialist pump and turbine kit would have been gummed-up/seized/wrecked. It's not the humble bucket that bothers me, more the attitude of others, not helped by coming at the end of full-on crazy week.

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