a lifetime burning

By Sheol

Crow Black

I was originally due to attend an RPS course today in Bristol, but it has been reorganised for a date that I cannot make, so I have an unplanned free Saturday instead.  

In the event it has not been brightest of days today, with plenty of cloud.  Not the sort of weather that encourages you to want to be outside, although it is actually really mild with the temperature now in double digits Centigrade. 

Not the most exciting of days photographically, but here's a picture of Carrion Crow with a nicely out of focus background straight out of the camera that I haven't needed to do anything much to (i.e. I haven't done anything to the background - the Crow has had plenty of work to get the blacks and details right).  I was tempted to make it a mono and to then proceed to go on and describe in detail the muted colours ... but I thought better of it.

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