... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

NHM: Chilling

This is not mis-titled: this is indeed part of the NHM. This beautiful NHM!
This is the NHM's dark underbelly: this is one of the tunnels that maze through, underneath, and around the various science building and cooling units that make up a large part of the behind-the-scenes part of the museum. This particular tunnel/duct is between one of the cooling blocks and DC2 (the building that houses The Cocoon).

It reminds me of Alien. I feel the walls closing in on me ... and reach for my camera phone...

In exciting news: eep, my D800 and lenses have arrived! The battery is charging, one of the lenses is mounted, the protective filters are fitted, and I've fiddled with my bag to make it fit (is it too snug/cramped if the bottom lens cap of my long lens is slightly pressing on the wall of the bag when I shut it?). It is exciting; why am I so nervous of it?! I'm worried about dust, or that it'll have issues; why am I being so negative and fretful?!

ANYWAY, it is super-exciting! I'm so pleased that it feels like my D200 in my hands: it is slightly larger but everything feels familiar and in the right place still.

No news about the car; this isn't one of those times when "no news is good news"... I'm deciding to keep my eyes (and mind) firmly fixed on my camera.

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