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By xb


They say there's no 'I' in team, but there are two in Eurovision, which explains the poor spelling. I know it's tomorrow, but there is a link here.

Out for drinks with the team from the office after work tonight, and I didn't take any pics. Home from that for a late dinner - KFC treat (for being a brave boy at the dentist) - and I didn't take a pic of that. Then I tidied the house (since I'm going out tomorrow), in preparation for the annual Eurovision gathering at Chateaux Xandro tomorrow night! And there's your link.

Taken at 23:57, so let's ignore this one! I'm lucky I had anything!

Realised today that the sandwiches from Lettuce Eat are too big for my not-quite-back-to-normal jaw! Had to squash my lunch a bit today!

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