By littlemissquirk


23 days left to work and they’ve up their offensive.
Not one moment to catch my breath from 9am which started with teaching a very nervous and scared 7 year old to insert her new nocturnal lenses to try and halt her myopia and prevent retinal problems in the future.
Fifteen minutes of geeing her up, only for her to ping the right lens! On hands and knees for ten minutes leaving five to teach the left eye
Meanwhile someone comes in with flashes and floaters, potential retinal detachment. Take my 9.30 patient in twenty minutes late, and a long story of woe and bingo, find a hole in her bloody retina, involving complicated referral. By 10.30 running half an hour late, in walks my least favourite patient who despite me saving his life a year ago spottinga nasty cancer on his eyelid treats the practice like we are the s*** on his shoe. Glad that’s the last half hour I’ll ever spend with him!
Ho hum. So carried on the day, no lunch hour and also fielding WW3 with funeral plans that suit one side of the family and not the other.
I literally paused for breath at 5.25pm to a text from my mum asking me to collect her in 30 minutes from the train to go see a house.
Literally ran home to get the car, got mum, saw house ( lovely) drop mum Home cook tea, clean up. Bed
I may have said this before. But I need to retire

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