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Right now, to be honest, I could do with a spot of restoration, but I suspect that will only come if I stop writing and go to bed ... 

We were up and about quite briskly today - Himself has two funerals lined up to play at and needed to sort out music and a bit of practice - so I was clothed and in my right mind when our friend Grace popped in for coffee and a chat before she went off to clean the church and we headed over the water. Grace had already driven for about 40 minutes to get to us; it's only another 5 minutes or so to the church but I admire the dedication and determination of far-flung members of the congregation when it comes to doing the behind-the-scenes stuff. An hour's chat flew past and we were still at it as she dashed off down the path ...

And then to Greenock for my long-awaited hair cut. I can't bear it being as long as it was - not long for some, but straggly and ordinary as far as I was concerned. We had time for a spot of lunch in the admirable Italian pizzeria/cafe next door, though I felt unduly full for the rest of the afternoon. My appointment lasted about 90 minutes, and for much of the time it was just me in the salon, which was delightfully peaceful and let me blether away indiscreetly to Michael, the best of hairdressers.

Part of our conversation concerned the big news story of the day: Nicola Sturgeon's announcement that she is stepping down as First Minister and leader of the SNP. I have to say that I wasn't surprised; she's been in the job for so long and through such a ghastly period in our lives that it's obvious that it will have taken an enormous toll - and that's without  the trolling and vileness that women especially are subjected to in politics.The relief expressed by politicians from other parties tells its own story. Interestingly, I've just watched on the news a vox pop from the streets of Greenock, but somehow the reporter never made it to where we were ...

When we arrived back in Dunoon Himself grabbed an hour practising in the freezing church while I had a brisk mile round the block (under 20 minutes per mile, which pleased me)  before making dinner. 

Blipping the view in the salon mirror as I waited for my coffee and the hair colour to cook. 

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