Abstract Thursday: "Shapes"

For the third time this week, I've been lucky in taking a photo and then realising that it would meet the requirements for one of the challenges.

Here you see a plane window shot of a rather lovely and colourful sunrise above the clouds as we cruised at 33,000 feet over the Atlantic on our way home early this morning.

Ingeborg's optional AT challenge this week is "shapes", and this has lots of wispy abstract shapes in the clouds and in the semi-abstract shapes of the segment of the aircraft wing.

We'd deliberately chosen seats on the left side of the plane (ie, the north side as we headed east) in the slim chance that we might be lucky enough to see the aurora borealis, but that wasn't to be so.

After landing at Gatwick about 20 minutes early(!) we then took the train to Newcastle. So we're now safely home with lots of happy memories (and lots of photos of our new grandson!). I have a suspicion that we may be practising our Canadian accents again before too long!

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