By JackTheLad

The Navy Lark?

I was enjoying my usual Friday afternoon pint in a Rose St hostelry reading my kindle in the bright sun filled bar when it suddenly became quite dark, looked up to see six big black (dark blue actually) uniforms walk in and go up to my end of the bar. Luckily, they weren't after me only a quick pint.

Turns out they had just marched up the High St in their best bib and tucker, well Blue No.1 dress uniform to be accurate, to celebrate the end of their ship HMS Edinburgh's active service. The ship a Type 42 destroyer was commissioned in 1985 and is being retired after some 28 years active service.
The guys left their caps behind the bar while they took their beers outside to enjoy the nice afternoon, seemed a neat way of stacking them and haven't seen that before.

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