Lost in Thought

By steveng

Chadshunt Snowdrops (FF17_2023)

Our neighbour is involved with bell ringing at several local churches and invited me to see Chadshunt where the snowdrops are just about at their peak.   The church is no longer used and is within the grounds of a private estate so not somewhere anyone can just wander in - although the landowner does not mind visitors with a genuine interest.

With no services (electricity/water etc) the church is a throwback to an earlier age and is a delight for a photographer.  We'll probably go back when the daffodils get going.

More info here

One for flower Friday as my blip and a couple of internal views in the extras. I used a 0.6 ND grad on the main, to reduce the brightness in the sky.

Thanks to Biker Bear for hosting.

Nothing to do with blip - we were intending to lend our motorhome to Gill's sister and her husband as they are set to attend a training course next week.  They have just returned from a short cruise, both ill, needing IV antibiotics and one is now C-19 +ve! Oh Joy!

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