Lost in Thought

By steveng

A little patch of blue (Widwed220223)

reflected in a muddy puddle. 

Much colder here today and drizzly in the morning - well - it is half term!
We decided on a walk around Stratford this afternoon by which time there was some blue in the sky, although the breeze and a few showers put paid to any reflections on the river.  A muddy puddle near Holy Trinity came to the semi-rescue for the Wide Wednesday theme.
Thanks to BobsBlips for hosting.

Edit:  Full disclosure - it was Gill's idea to photograph the puddle, although I have done some post processing to remove various sticks which were cutting through the edges of the frame, and footered with the contrast & colours,  some Lightroom Dehaze too.

Something more conventional in the extra.  I like this old building and the cottages next to it, today they were free of parked cars.

Our camera club bring and show yesterday evening was a success. Not running competitions we have to think of activities for the weeks we don't have a speaker so yesterday I had asked for people to bring in a few images to share.  We had a set of local wildlife, a set from Monument Valley and a third set from Norway and the Aurora.  I took a few monochrome tree images too.  We also had enough prints to need an extra table set up to display them which is something I and one of the other members have been wanting to get back to post pandemic. Just need to double the membership now and we'll be back where we were two or three years back!

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