Its the Way It Is

By Jeano

Lost and Found

My phone rings

It’s Liz

“Jean, do you remember you stayed at mine the night we stayed up all hours watching a tennis match in the Australian Open. And you couldn’t find your Claddagh Ring”!

“Well I was hoovering under the bedside table and guess what”!

“I found the ring”

So here you can see my Claddagh … and my snake in the grass and my blue fly on a background of my Dr Who cushion. And a few narcisisisises from the garden

I’m tempted to not wear the Claddagh again but keep it locked away safely in a glass cabinet. But sure what’s the point of that. It would be like the good China that never gets used or never knows the joy of a lipstick stain

Dearie Dearie me


The creator of The Bash Street Kids David Sutherland died recently. There is surely a place in Heaven reserved for him with a lifetime supply of lemon sherbet and catapults. :-)

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