By Bella888

One too many?

xxxxxx 400 Abstract Thursdays - thanks to host Ingeborg xxxxxx

Don’t fret. I haven’t been boozing. These ‘liquified’ Vodka Spirit drinks were seen in the window of a wine shop in Westbourne.

Photographed on leaving delightful local blipper ‘13South’, after we met for a light lunch at Dane & Port (organic vegan-all healthy and freshly made), in Westbourne. Good to see every table was taken.

Mr B joined us after a hit on the wall at the Lower Gardens tennis. After 13S left we walked round the shops and then walked home.

Saw GP for Urticaria. Tried various creams, and medication prescribed by GP. So far, not worked. Driving me mad at night. New drug prescribed today to alternate with another. Last had similar in 2016. Took weeks to get rid of :(

Dragons Den & Apprentice tonight. NB Watched The Piano last night - thanks for recommending ‘Majoayee’. Enjoyed Well deserved winner - what an eye-opening - amazing young lady (and her mum!)

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