Carolina's journal

By Carolina

Snohomish River Bridge

I shot a few different views of the bridge but actually liked this one best.  I'll put the other in extras for you along with the view of the mountains from the river. 
  A good day today, but sure was cold!  I think it got up to 35 today(1.6 c)  but you have to have a few layers on to walk about!  Joe went for a walk this afternoon and said it was perfect out.    Oh, well.   the Mountains are beautiful and you can see fresh snow up there too!  I can't even tell which mountains these are.  All I know is Mt. Baker is over on the left out of the picture.   I'll see if I can look them up. 
  ok,  the mt on the rt of the flag is 3 Fingers 6,855 ft.(moving to the rt) Big Bear at 5,641 thousand feet and Liberty- 5,680 ft and Pilchuck just to the left of the chute is 5,324 ft.    Pilchuck is the one people climb a lot.  I think Joe and I have climbed it (to the observation tower) twice or so. 
  Hope you all had a great Friday and a great weekend coming up!!!!

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