By tourist


A bit of an unexpected blip today. I wasn't sure if i was going to take anything today as it's been a busy few days for me mostly thanks to work. To give you an idea, yesterday i was working from 09:30 until 21:30 therefore missing the great sunshine and heat we had and then unexpectedly i was asked if i'd be willing to start 06:00 this morning as one of my co workers was unable to arrive to work due to breaking his arm and being in hospital.

I didn't get to sleep until about midnight last night and ultimately woke up at 03:00 with the intention to be at work and starting for 04:00. It is nearly 9pm now and i've been awake since without a sleep...although i did have a 30 minute powernap an hour ago.

Anyhoo, i ended up finding myself in dalkeith earlier on today with the intention of stopping off by Fort Kinnaird on the way home to buy some shoes for the Walk For Scotland walk i will be taking part in on June 7th. I don't have anything i really feel i could wear for 6-7 a new purchase is necessary.

On my way back from Dalkeith, due to not being familiar with the area much i set my sattelite navigation system to my home address and if i passed fort kinnaird then i'll go past there and purchase some footware if i saw a place that sold it. Upon my journey i passed the Edinburgh Royal Infirmary and saw a sign for Craigmiller Castle. Being a nice day and having not been there before i figured i should just go and check it out. I will never forget how much i loved the castle, it is such a unique and iteresting building and one i urge everyone to visit at some point in your only has an entrance fee of about 4 pounds!

I took about 130 photographs in and around the castle in the short time i had to explore it. It is slightly annoying in that i arrived 45 minutes before the place was closed which is actually nowhere near enough time to fully explore all the rooms in the Castle. Of all the photos though i opted for the Cellar photograph i took as many never turned out as i had anticipated they would.

I hope you all have been enjoying the good weather we have had here and not been getting sun burnt. Long may the weather continue!

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