By Shutterup

Test tube garden

I am thrilled with my latest purchase.. I found this old test tube set with initials scratched onto it and thought it would make a nice vase and what better than to start with snowdrops and a few scented winter twigs from the garden.. loving it!!
A quiet day at home with him indoors changing our kitchen lights so that we can hopefully see in there once more.. still hoping we wont need baseball caps to shade our eyes and prevent increased frown lines!!  Why is lighting so difficult??  We are moving from bulbs to led strips inside our light fittings but it is really hard to tell how it will look once done.  If this doesn't work we might have to resort to replastering the gaps from the old fittings and starting afresh with downlighters but that is much more disruptive.
Rugby this afternoon.. looking forward to that and have the fire lit in anticipation! 

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